Central Ohio Watershed Council

Building a strong network of organizations to advance watershed protection in Central Ohio.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Who we are

Central Ohio Watersheds

Darby CreekAlum CreekOlentangy RiverHellbranch RunScioto RiverRocky Fork CreekBig Walnut CreekWalnut Creek


Franklin Soil and Water Conservation DistrictFriends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW)Friends of the Alum Creek and Tributaries (FACT)Friends of the Ravines - Central Olentangy and Scioto River RavinesFriends of Big Walnut CreekGreen ColumbusThe Nature ConservancyThe Ohio Environmental CouncilThe Sierra Club Ohio ChapterThe City of Columbus Public UtilitiesThe City of Columbus Recreation and Parcs Department


Build a strong network of organizations to advance watershed protection, share resources, and reduce duplication of effortsAssist with the formation and/or reestablishment of watershed groupsSupport and build the capacity of member organizationsWork toward sustainable citizen-based watershed groupsProvide a regional platform for education and communication about watershed issues.

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Peter Bucher


Laura Fay



of Healthy Watersheds

Improved water quality

Natural landscapes and floodplains filter pollutants from point and nonpoint sources, promote nutrient cycling and help retain sediment

Carbon storage opportunities

Watersheds with intact natural land cover and soil resources are capable of sequestering carbon

Increased resilience

Intact floodplains and riparian areas enable healthy watersheds to be better adapted to climate change

Invasive species protection

Naturally functioning ecosystems are more resilient and can favor indigenous species, helping them out-compete invasive species.

Reduced water treatment costs

Natural landscapes filter pollutants and protect water quality

Reduced flood mitigation costs

Floodplains and natural landscapes minimize the area and impacts of floods

Lower rates of illness

Greenspace exposure leads to fewer incidences of illness at work and better recovery at hospitals

Reduced stress levels

Students have been shown to have lower stress levels and reduced levels of ADD when exposed to greenspaces

Active Watershed


Friends of Big Walnut Creek

The mission of the Friends of Big Walnut Creek is to protect and restore Big Walnut Creek and Rocky Fork and Blacklick Tributaries.

Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed

FLOW is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the extensive recreational, cultural, historic, and environmental resources of the Lower Olentangy Watershed, as well as promoting responsible policies and uses of the river.

Friends of Alum Creek and Tributaries

FACT wants to preserve and protect the quality and beauty of the Alum Creek watershed and promote environmentally responsible recreation, educational opportunities, and citizen participation at many levels. FACT is a local not-for-profit volunteer-based organization serving as the environmental steward for the southern Alum Creek watershed within Franklin and Delaware counties.

Friends of the Ravines

The mission of Friends of the Ravines (FOR) is to protect, preserve and restore ravine areas for the benefit of the urban community as well as the wildlife that utilize them. The stability of the ravines has been directly threatened by development, human activity, and utility placement. Uncontrolled invasive plant species are disturbing the natural ecosystem by displacing plantings native to ravine areas. Our goal is to educate and involve the public in conservation efforts to restore and preserve these natural areas.

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